Shunter Vehicle Refurbishment


Shunters can be expensive to purchase and a mid-life refurbishment can often be the best way to ensure you get the most from your vehicle. Terberg DTS can help you make that decision and provide a cost effective refurbishment programme.

With vast experience in the support of Yard Tractors, Distribution Tractors, Dock Spotters and RoRo Tractor, our colleagues are extremely experienced in the scope and provision of refurbishment projects. Any refurbishment is tailored to meet our customers’ requirements and could include items such as:

  • Major Servicing.
  • Stripping and rebuilding major component.
  • Upgrades and component replacement to cover obsolescence.
  • System capability upgrades.
  • De-corrosion work and repainting.

If you are considering this cost-effective option to get the most out of your shunter vehicle, call us to discuss the options available.