Seacom Trailers / Port Trailers UK

Seacom Spill Trailers

SEACOM spill trailers (HazMat trailers) are designed to safely contain hazardous material that may be leaking out of tanks or barrels. They are resistant to chemicals and equipped with fire department connectors to safely dispose of the leaking fluids.

Seacom Goosenecks

The gooseneck is the connection between the roll trailer and the tractor and can, depending on the design and the operating conditions, either be detachable or fixed mounted to the roll trailer. SEACOM offers two types of tractor goosenecks: SH 36 (36 tons) and SH 45 (45 tons). They are determined by the lifting capacity of the tow tractor.

Seacom Cassettes

SEACOM cassettes are used around the world to transport containers, paper, steel coils and other extreme loads.

Seacom Liftmaster LM90

More and more ports are using systems of cassettes and lifting-roll trailers to handle and stow cargo. This enables a fast and space-saving turnaround of all the different cargo operations.

Seacom Terminal Chassis Trailers

The use of terminal chassis is essential for the effective handling of containers. At terminals around the world, the robust and reliable SEACOM terminal chassis are in use 24/7. The design of the chassis is based on the local operating conditions and the application demands.

Seacom Trailers / Port Trailers UK

SEACOM Trailers, UK

SEACOM Trailer Systems GMBH – Transport Systems for Industry and Ports

SEACOM is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transport systems for the industry and ports and is a reliable partner worldwide. SEACOM stands for quality, reliability, durability, and accuracy.

Decades of experience with lots of tried and tested designs, together with fresh ideas and good communication with customers are the basis for SEACOM’s success and customer satisfaction.